Welcome to REPAIR & REFIT Report

Welcome to REPAIR & REFIT Report, the online journal devoted to advancing innovation, ingenuity, excellence, and integrity in a unique segment of the marine industry. We’re proud to launch this initiative at the 2019 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

REPAIR & REFIT Report answers the need for sharing Repair and Refit-related information and experience among marine industry professionals, especially in the intricate aspects of planning, engineering, and fabricating that take place behind the scenes in major yacht and vessel refits. Too often we see only the pretty pictures of the finished results – the gleaming surfaces – but little of the complex sophisticated work beneath those surfaces: the work of unsung engineers, artisans, fabricators, finishers, and allied tradespersons.

Serving industry professionals from Designers to Managers to shop floor Technicians to onboard Crew, as well as yacht and vessel Owners, REPAIR & REFIT Report addresses the question, “How do they DO that?” Whether at the concept and design stage, the engineering and fabrication stage, the finishing stage, the workplace safety stage, or in any of the “thousands-of-decisions” stages, our mission is to provide our industry with solid technical information and inspiration – developed by industry colleagues. As the on-the-ground inside source for this kind of information, REPAIR & REFIT Report is an indispensable resource for those involved in, or contemplating, Refit work at any scale.

REPAIR & REFIT Report comes to you from the company that produces WoodenBoat and Professional BoatBuilder. It’s an initiative with the same rigorous commitment to quality and integrity – and to all individuals who love and admire fine work and quality workmanship in any material. The online format allows an opportunity to provide thorough and extensively illustrated coverage of projects of all sizes and in great detail, and to serialize, where necessary, step-by-step coverage of longer, more elaborate endeavors. Our primary goal is to highlight and advance cost-effective expressions of imagination, innovation, and ingenuity.

REPAIR & REFIT Report will work most powerfully when its readers – the professionals who are the heart and soul of our industry – are sharing ideas with us all. So, please help us build a network that informs and advances best practices and the highest standards. If you’re an industry professional involved in any aspect of Repair and Refit work with an interest in sharing your ideas and experience, please do! And do tell us about what we’re doing right, what we’re doing wrong, and how we can improve this journal. We need your feedback as we build it out into the future.

Sign up for more today. It costs nothing to subscribe, because our aim is to create a journal that attracts the best in our industry – including all those in our industry who aspire to be the best. We’re just getting started, but we’ll be working hard to earn our place by finding and sharing indispensable insights and information for experienced and discerning industry professionals.

Welcome to REPAIR & REFIT Report!

Jon Wilson, Editor