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About REPAIR & REFIT Report


REPAIR & REFIT Report is an online journal dedicated to advancing the nature and future of the yacht and boat refit industry – the intricate realms of Repair, Restoration, Repower, & Redesign – from the inside.

It’s the new industry resource for refit project profiles, object lessons in estimating, win-win contracts, cost-controls, and effective project management, successful innovations & solutions, interviews with industry leaders, notes from surveyors and inspectors, how-to case studies, updates on refit-specific industry standards, navigating insurance issues, efficient workforce development & training, and a host of other professional-refit-relevant topics from around the country and the world.

With a mix of original and aggregated content comprised of stories, interviews, photos, and video, REPAIR & REFIT Report will bring regular offerings of experience and insight to industry professionals who need to stay aware of large and small projects, developments, and trends in this rapidly growing segment of the marine industry.

From the producers of WoodenBoat and Professional BoatBuilder, REPAIR & REFIT Report focuses on imagination, innovation, and craftsmanship, and technology – especially at the hands-on, shop floor, and project management level. Preserving and advancing skill and know-how in areas where sources of solid experience are becoming less easy to find, we’ll illuminate some of the industry’s technical achievements – so often unseen because media coverage tends to highlight the finished products – the results of the work of designers, planners, managers, and innumerable hidden crafts- and trades-persons.

Every refit project is as much art as science, with thousands of impact-laden decisions constantly being made, and often with unpredictability about still-unseen/undiscovered conditions. This is part of the excitement and the challenge (and sometimes the terror) of all refit projects. REPAIR & REFIT Report will go inside these projects, addressing questions like, “How-did-they-DO-that?” Because how these results are achieved is what matters to the future of the refit industry. We’re focused on process, and how remarkable results are designed, engineered, managed, and achieved. And also how the process sometimes doesn’t work as intended – because cautionary tales are invaluable instruments of learning and experience. No one can know “enough” about what will actually be encountered later in refit work, and we’re committed to providing ways of supporting and advancing the complex capacities, skills, & forecasting abilities of those who make this industry work at every level, from top to bottom, from concept to delivery.

This is the mission and purpose of REPAIR & REFIT Report – to look beneath the surface, where the work of minds and hands and eyes is being achieved to exceptional degrees. Our primary readers are the professionals who do or manage this work, but owners and their representatives will also find uniquely valuable material in these pages.

We’re always on the lookout for material for REPAIR & REFIT Report, whether project profiles, how-to features, notes from surveyors and inspectors, updates on refit-specific industry standards, interviews with industry leaders, notes on estimating and cost-control and their myriad challenges, the art of the contract, successful project management, insurance issues, innovations and solutions, workforce development and training, or a host of other refit-relevant topics from around the country and the world.

If you’re a Repair or Refit Shipyard professional at any level, and you know of interesting and exciting Refit projects – or aspects of projects – let us know. We urge and invite you to send us some sample images with descriptive captions, because one of our primary objectives is to post informative and instructive photo essays and videos on projects and processes, and no subject or process that matters to industry professionals is unimportant.

On the other hand, if you’re an experienced reporter/writer with the ability to produce clear, concise, and substantive technical material, we’re equally interested. REPAIR & REFIT Report will work best when experienced professionals – the people who plan and do and cover this work – share their wisdom and experience with us all.


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